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Re: Waving :)

Originally Posted by meg1230 View Post
Enjoy your time.. I know you enjoy it every year.

I understand about your mom "slipping". It's hard to watch but hopeful for a better time for her to come.
Til then...fight the good fight.

Hi everyone!!!

Me? I have been busy with the next crisis in life... My poor son going though a divorce... the one who took such good care of his grandma. Life is not fair, friends. But we all here have known that for a long time.

My mom is a sweet memory now...the horrors of the disease an almost distant memory. I carry her with me everywhere I go.

I hope you are all doing as well as can be....I am always thinking of you.

Love, Meg

Love, Meg
Meg -

So good to hear from you! I am so sorry about what you're going through with your son......not all. You said a mouthful about life not being fair, and how we all on here know about that

I'm encouraged by your words that your memories of your mom are now happy and that the memories of the disease have faded. I look forward to that day. It hasn't been 3 months yet for me, so I know it takes time. I am able to think of my stepdad in younger and healthier years, but the last nearly 4 years are still pretty fresh in my mind and heart.

Hang in there and always good to see you on here