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Re: Severe Osteopenia 32yr old male

Hi Grandpa-
sorry to hear about all your health issues! i totally hear you about these MDs not I've been through my fair share of health issues and still trying to find a competent MD who can diagnose accurately.

I recently got tested for Vit D also after i *insisted*(my friend told me i shd get this tested last yr b/c it was got so much attn the past yrs). Anyway, I was severely deficient (19 with normal range 30-100+). I suggest you do some research online on Vit D. There is a book called the vit d solution that's very informative. I think 1,000 IU daily is way too little. I don't know where you live, but if you could getting direct Vit D from the sun betw 11-3pm woudl be optimal b/c getting it directly from the sun will allow the D to stay in your system much longer. The Vit D supplements (D3) you shoudl be taking should really be more aggressive considering you are on single digits. I am taking 35,000 IU weekly but many ppl are taking 50,000 IU weekly.

I hope you find more answers soon.