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Re: Perilymph Fistula

Originally Posted by bollweevil View Post
Claudia, How did the CT turn out? I'm new to this, but I did not think PLF could be confirmed with CT. My understanding is that superior canal dehisence (SCDS) is confirmed with CT. I have a head CT scheduled for next week. I'm still just trying to learn all about what I may or may not have....

I had all testings done for plf and the ct does not confirm it..but it does confirm the SCDS which i had done also and that was negative. I just had plf surgery done on my left ear last week and i wish i can find somebody on here that has had the surgery done because i still have fullness in my ear and wondering if that is from the dissolvable packing that is in the middle ear. and i'm just off when i walk around i'm fine when i lay down with pillows prompt up. i cant do anything with my family i have 3 small kids that i cant even take care of my husband takes them to work i need help. I feel worse now after surgery then before surgery at least i was able to function I take clonozepam for the dizziness and it helps but now after surgery it works alittle for me, but i still cant drive or do anything.