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The other day as I was driving and my head starting spinning where I almost stopped my car on the freeway like I just couldn't shake it off.I was like that for 2 days still today and now right above my ribcage it is so sore tender feeling and pain down my stomach.I was wondering if anyone has had this happened them or any diagnose someone can give me.I know your not a doctor but maybe something like this has happened to you.
Hope everyone is feeling good
Thanks Mary
Hello Marys1358, I journal all symptoms every day, since these unknown "flares" have reappeared late Jan'12. They appear w/no rhyme or reason, very random. Yes I have had loss of balance due to dizziness or spinning very random. Although a few days ago I noted a new symptom; a mild burning sensation or warmth in my throat, upper chest, & upper abdomen. Sometimes they happen together, mixed or individual. Doc & I feel they are not due to meds, been on them long enough w/out this new symptom. Forgot to add Cytomel (T3 for thyroid) & Levothyroxine(T4 for thyroid) on profile

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