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Question What type of Bipolar do I have?

5 years ago I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with PTSD, Anxiety and Bipolar after I had experienced a very traumatic event. I stopped taking Bipolar medication because I didn't feel like I had it. Now I am realizing certain symptoms of Bipolar and anxiety such as, promiscuity, excessive spending, feelings of wanting to self-medicate (fall back on alcohol, marijuana, prescription pills ect.), attention shifts between many topics in a few minutes, having inflated feelings of power, greatness or importance, periods of intense focus on goal-directed activity such as - sexual activities, exercise activities, spiritual activities, Also very frequent periods of diminished abilities to think or concentrate, extreme INDECISIVENESS and racing thoughts, points where I feel like I have to be doing something and want to be very social and other times where I am extremely introverted and don't want to be seen at all or do anything. I get irritated easily and upset if things don't go my way or as planned. I also get a heavy feeling in my chest like my heart is going to explode.. I also noticed I can't keep a relationship for more than 4 months and friends come in and out of my life very rapidly. I want to know what type of bipolar I have since these are the symptoms I have and what medication I should take concerning the symptoms. Please help anyone!

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