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worried about ALS

I'm slightly worried I might have ALS, I guess I'm just looking for any thoughts people might have.

I'm 26 years old. For the last 5 months or so my upper and lower eyelid has been twitching in my left eye. I've been getting really good sleep and eating really well, but the twitching continues... Around the same time that started having twitching in my left eye, I also started having pain in my left hand near the fatty area by my thumb and index finger. Just recently I also noticed that my hand had atrophied quite a bit in that same area. I also noticed I was starting to get tingling and numbness in my left hand, mostly in the pinky side of the hand. I saw a hand surgeon about this hand pain yesterday and he couldn't find any problems. He suggested an EMG which I'm supposed to have next thursday.

Is eyelid twitching a common symptom of ALS? Do people usually have pain in their atrophied extremities?

Sorry for being the 1 millionth guy to post they're worried about this.

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