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Anxiety is sooo misunderstood!

I've suffered from anxiety and panic-attacks (actually both are pretty much the same thing) for a good part of my life, and for the past several years they've become unbearable--meaning more hospitalizations than I care to remember. I've tried every 'SSRI' known to man & woman--including the latest one on the market; that would be Viibryd, also call Vilazodone. That signalled the end of the line and the proverbial last-straw for me. I'll not bore you guys with the details regarding the horrible side-effects and the absolute minimum "benefits" if there in fact were any. All--repeat--ALL of these antidepressants did nothing for my panic-attacks. One in particular got me hospitalized with extreme anxiety for 3 weeks.

Enter the benzos. And, yeah, I've heard the horror stories--and I know all or most of you have heard 'em as well. Thing is...2 days ago I winded up in the VA Hospital in Brooklyn, spoke a very kind and understanding doctor, was given a 2mg injection of ATIVAN (as well as some tablets to take with me in the event of reoccurrence), and I've been anxiety-free since. I'm posting this with my morning coffee (and a little jazz in the background--radio staion WKCR-FM out of Manhattan, if you'll permit this reporter on the anxiety-circuit a blurb), took 2 mg of ATIVAN (as presribed) with my other meds for blood pressure and gerd. I'm feeling quite calm and enjoying this most pleasant spring morning--guess that'd wax a well-adjusted and/or "normal" by most peoples' axiom. Will meet with my doctor next week and discuss Klonipin as a possibility. ATIVAN, I gather is more in "short-term" mode. My anxiety, and my panic-attacks are anything BUT "short" term.

Sooo...This anxiety-laden kinda guy thinks that, like Rocky Balboa, it's time to fly--or, better put: time to get grounded.

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