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Unhappy Bladder problems and no answers! :(

lamm2013 7 minutes ago

I know this sounds really weird.. But i've been having serious bladder problems recently. About 2 months ago i thought i was having on and off UTIs, and then on the 25th of February, I got one that hasnt gone away,, I have to urinate ALL the time, but if i go barely anything comes out,, so i try to hold it in for an hour or two, drink lots of fluids (avoiding soda, coffee, and obviously alcohol because i'm only 17).. But in doing this it causes more pain in my lower abdomen, right above my pubic bone to an inch or two under my belly button.. I lost about 12 pounds this month,, my weight has been between 80-84 pounds. I try to eat constantly throughout the day, but can really do only a little at a time because i feel full quickly, and i've been really nauseous. I've been bloated for a week, and theres just tons of pressure. I've also been having severe menstral like cramping in my stomach and back. I went to the hospital for the "UTI" and because i was having bowel problems (black stool which the doctor said was constipation and then a light grey/really light brown stool but surrounded by dark orange goo mucous type stuff).. (btw i went there because my step dad doesnt have time to find me a doctor he's REALLY busy) He wasnt worried about the stool, and did a urine sample that came back clean, so he sent me home.. My parents have alot of other things to worry about so i'm trying to find out what this is so maybe i can help it with home remedies??? It's been for a full month now, and all i can think about all day is going to the bathroom, or trying to ignore my lower abdominal pain.. Please help! thank you guys!

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