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Re: Anyone able to exercise with/after vestibular problem?

I go to the gym regularly now and feel perfectly fine. I had VN about a year and a half-2 years ago. I had a long recovery process, 3 steps forward, two steps back, but I feel great now. I'd have periods where I felt great for months and then have a little decomp from doing too much/not enough but just minor. I feel the odd little wave of dizziness now and then but it doesn't effect my life at all. The only thing that affects me still for sure is wearing heels. I wear them so seldomly, that my brain isn't used to it, I guess. Last summer I went to a wedding and danced in high heels for hours and I paid for it for a week or two. I wore heels a couple of months ago for about 5 hours and the effects were minor for a few days. Sorry... off topic.

I now do step classes, Zumba, yoga etc all without issues. Like I said, just the odd minor little moment but it doesn't stop me.

I wish you well!!