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Re: What i've learned about swine flu & recovery

Sorry i've left it so long to reply i lost my password.

My health seemed to be recovering in March 2011 but management yelling at me 4 not doing enough (major stress) & the cold of the shop i work in meant my health soon nose dived again; i've been off work sick now since Mid May '11. Switched dr's tho 2 no avail had more breathing problems because of heat last spring, landed at hospital & they didn't care then in January my health nose dived & i was admitted to hospital they suspect Addisons & i think Tb (Mum had & u can inherit as per Lawrence Broxmeyer Md & the man checks out) I left hospital due to bad food, inability 2 sleep & a fear i'd die there #ComplacentAttitude to my deteriorating health. i'm sure i have tb of the liver & tumours in my skull & i'm flat on my back 90% of time vitc ascorbic acid helps a bit raising uric acid which is linked to weakness when low & this next wk i'm going 2 try a high meat, high fat diet also raises uric acid. I wish i had more positive news...i'll update u if this new diet works #hopeful see u around