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Re: Massive rotator cuff tear surgery

Originally Posted by GEORGEP View Post
I had a massive rotator cuff tear last October---3 tendons torn completely off the bone. I had a fall in my yard and landed on my shoulder. I had surgery in February and the surgeon was only able to do a partial repair. I have been going to physical therapy for 4 weeks and my arm and shoulder feel much better. I should be able to stop wearing the sling by next week. Has anyone had a similar injury and I am just trying to find out if the outcome was good. I am hoping I can regain most of my arm and should function back. I have physical therapy until the middle of June.
I had a massive RC tear had surgery 2/14/11 had two tendons torn went back to work end of may and retore in August had 2nd surgery in December still in PT, my ROM is good but strengthening is going slowly but that ok with my dr he would rather I take it slowly so as not to retear. So I don't really have an answer for you except to follow your drs advice and don't push to fast.
Good luck.