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Lump on right side of neck. Currently taking antibiotics...

Hi everyone,

I have been lurking around this message board and I love how supportive and informative everyone is! Here is my story.. I would love to hear some opinions.

On March 9th, I was driving to work and just spontaneously started touching the base of my neck. Although I couldn't see the lump in the mirror, I definitely felt a ball-shaped lump. I didn't worry too much about it - I figured I'd give it some time before I actually would start panicking. Exactly a week later (March 16), the lump was still there so I decided to go to urgent care. The doctor there had me take some a CBC and blood chemistry tests. He said it was the lump was on my supraclavicular lymph node. Later on that night I felt another small lump in the back of neck except this was is just hard and does not feel "ball-shaped" - it's just puffed up.

My blood tests came back normal. I decided to see another physician and he prescribed me antibiotics (Cephalexin) this past Tuesday (March 20) thinking it might be caused by a bug bite that was on my back. I have taken them on time, but my lumps are still there. I don't think it grew bigger, but it hasn't gotten smaller.

I do not have a history of swollen lymph nodes when I am sick/have infections/have allergy reactions. I have not been sick in the last 2-3 months. I have been extremely tired (but unsure if it's just work, stress, or just plain ol' psychological from all this) to where I am just falling asleep right after I get home from work. No night sweats, itchiness. Sometimes I feel a little "hotter" than normal at night, but no fever. My back aches and the intensity is from 1-5 depending on each day....some days I can feel it and it's just annoying and other days I just want to lie down and do nothing else. I'm not sure if there is a correlation between that and the lumps.

My question is ... (and I know it may vary from person to person) ... how long after I take antibiotics should I see some difference in my lump if it is indeed some bacterial infection? Should I be worried? Are the symptoms I am experiencing be a sign of something else?

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