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Can too many uti's cause permanent pain?

Four months ago I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a uti. I have had so many in the past, but this time I took the antibiotics but continued to feel the pain/urgency/all the normal symptoms for weeks after the antibiotics had finished. I went back to the doctor and my urine test came up clean. The doctor thought maybe it was seperate- like from an std but I was tested and it came up clean. I dont know what to do. I havent had sex in months becasue of the pain and urgency i feel. all day long i feel like i have to urinate and then at night i have to sleep in a cetain position to relieve the pain. One doctor gave me cream to insert into my urethra and it started to work but then only made me about 90% better and now Im back at square one again. The pain is getting worse day by day, and my urethra is also really inflamed. I dont know what it is but I am living abroad right now and the medical treatment isnt so good, so I am thinking maybe I just have to keep playing the guessing game until hopefully I can get treatment when I come back to America, if I make it that long. Cranberry Juice and all the other usual tricks have made no difference. I am thinking maybe I have just had too many uti's in the past and this is the result of it. If anyone knows of any medicine or has had something similar please recommend something The help would be greatly appreciated!

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