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Re: Over one month after stapedectomy - hearing is deteriorating

Hello Nickle1,

All the best luck for your surgery on Tuesday, wishing everythings goes well.
My husbands operated ear is still the same - you can say almost no hearing. We had the audiogram done and it shows the ear is slightly worse than before the operation. The doctor says the reading suggests that the nerve is still functioning and there is a possiblity for revision surgery. My husband cant operate right now, we are located in Ghana and his doctor is in India, so we will need to wait till the next holiday before we can do that. My husband didnt wait for 6 weeks to fly (which i now think was a major mistake which you should by no means repeat please) because of his job. He was operated on 21 Dec and he flew on 18 Jan.

Take care and post us some good result once the surgery is over