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Re: Im sooooooooooooooo confused!!!!

Originally Posted by SadComputerGuy View Post
I just came across this post and I wanted to see how you were doing. I completely believe your story, and it's sad that this type of thing can happen and can completely change your quality of life. The sample could have been mislabeled or all of those medications could be affecting the outcome. I hope you are doing well, it has been a few weeks since your last post so please let everyone know how it went.
Thanks so much for your concern. I am doing much better now. I showed my doctor and his staff copies of information I found on the internet that proved my test were wrong. He believes me. I decided I do not EVER want to find myself in this type of situation ever again. Sooooooo I am weening myself off the oxycontin. I have cut my dose in half in one weeks time. My doctor started me on a new medication called "Savella". One of my other medications had a bad reaction to it...I was rushed to the ER with an allergic reaction. The allegra and savella do not mix. Couldn't breathe, neck and chest were beet red. It was really bad. Scared hubby. But am better now and have switched allergy medications to one that doesn't conflict with the Savella. Am having alot of BT pain, he is gonna start me on another non narcotic medication next week for that. Husband says I am pushing it too hard and fast, need to wean myself off the oxycontin more slowly. He is probably right, as my body and mind are affected with all these new medications we are trying. So wish me luck all...I intend to WIN my battle with PAIN AND G E T O F F T H E O X Y C O N T I N ! ! !

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