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Re: Lump on right side of neck. Currently taking antibiotics...

Originally Posted by cardshark View Post
Hi and welcome to the boards!
Sorry to hear of the issues you are having.
As to your questions: Lymph nodes can remain swollen/enlarged for a long time after an infection/cold/illness/etc.; however, as you guessed it is one of those things that varies from person to person. I believe normal "rule of thumb" is if a lymph node has been swollen/enlarged for 3-4 weeks for no known reason it should be checked by a doctor. If the lymph node is painful it is more likely an infection. Is the are of the lymph node warmer to the touch than normal or other areas?
Nope.. I don't feel any difference in temperature at all. Is that a reason for concern if I don't feel a difference in temperature? The area has turned slightly dark as if it is bruising. Perhaps it is from me, but I just touch throughout the day pretty lightly just to see if it's getting smaller and that the antibiotics is working. I also noticed two bruised areas right under my diaphragm last night. The bruised areas under my diaphragm actually hurt to the touch. I was laying in bed one day and felt that area "hurt" and asked my boyfriend if there was some kind of bruise, because I felt some pain to it. He said there was and I had checked it in the mirror myself. Could there be a correlation among all these symptoms?

I will be seeing my doctor for a follow-up on Tuesday (7 days into antibiotics).