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Re: Mild to Moderate Dysplasia in 6 months, nothing on colposcopy

Here is my personal feeling, from what I've read: dysplasia can get better on its own, it can get worse within six months or a year, it can "get better" and then "get worse" and back and forth again for reasons unknown, or perhaps because the biopsy samplings were taken from the wrong areas or from areas of greater or lesser dysplasia at different times. There is also such a thing as false positives and false negatives, and inaccurate laboratory analysis of tissue samples. That is why I regard all test results with a small, but healthy, dose of skepticism. Andy why I personally would want to see test results replicated before proceeding with any serious medical interventions.

Since dysplasia is mostly caused by HPV, and HPV is fought off or kept more or less under control by the immune system, anything you can do to boost your immune system will help keeping dysplasia to a minimum, or even eliminating it. Your immune system is affected by stress and diet. So one thing you might want to review is, how much stress have you been under in the six months between paps? How good has your diet, and your general health and sense of wellbeing, been in that time? If the answers to that are "a lot" and "not very good" then you can try changing those things and seeing if there has been a change for the better at your next pap test.

As far as the painful biopsy sampling during colposcopy, I hate to tell you but the cervix is notoriously difficult to numb. A lot of times the local anaesthetic given just doesn't "take". Then again, often it does, and it's effective at eliminating the pain. If you're very distressed and anxious about undergoing another painful procedure, please talk to your doctor about what else he/she can give you. Oral or even IV sedation prior to starting the colposcopy may be an option.

Good luck, and please update!