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Re: Perilymph Fistula

Hi bollweevil - I hope all went well. You are correct, PLF could not be confirmed with the CT. However, I did receive the results of my superior canal dehisence (SCDS) from the CT. I also asked for a CD copy of the CT and to have a copy of the written results, which read everything was normal.

I can say that I am not really comfortable with the Dr. that I am seeing right now. But out of 15 DRs, he is the only one who made sense for what I am going through. When providing me the next steps, which is surgery..I feel he is comparing me (period of recovery) to all his other patients, which I really find unfair and leaves me questioning should I have him perform my surgery.

On my first visit, I asked him if he had a patient like me who couldn't walk for more than 10 minutes w/o getting lightheaded and super sensitive hearing (could hear a pin drop). He said no but PLF affects everyone differently. So this lead me to believe out of his 1000's patients that he stated he worked on .....based on my symptoms, I am a unique case even with him. Another thing, each time going back to him to receive my ear pressure results and CT results, with the CT results he didn't even have a copy of the results from the hospital. And gave me the response must not be serious since I don't have a copy of the results. Then with my ear pressure results, once flipping through some papers attached to my file. He closed my file and immediately looked at me and said .."Welp the test confirmed it" and said aren't you happy. And it was complete silence. I guess I was expecting more of a detailed response. So I asked him, which ear is the test stating that is giving me these problems....and he already know from other testings that you are healthy so what else could it be? Then he said well it's one more thing (CT scan) I can have done, but I know it won't show anything. So I asked again...what ear is the test showing giving me these problems? He finally answered correctly but by his face expression, I could tell he was very annoyed. Anyway, I am already emotionally and physically struggling to remain strong and I can't imagine the support he would give me if my recovery isn't as expected, which he says.."3 days I will be up and running again as norm".

Perhaps with his 1000s of patients, he hears patients complaining about the same symptoms over and over again and so he has become a little desensitized and therefore not as compassionate or maybe just a little burnout. Whatever, the case may be, he is not the dr for me, so I rather wait to find the right one.

So for now, I thank GOD that at least I have some direction to what I am up against. I am continuously in prayer, as I search for a 2nd opinion and search for people who have had this type of surgery to learn what to expect and ways to cope as I heal. As far as the DR, I know I will find one that will take their time out to talk to me and explain in a way I could understand.

I really wish you well on your journey for recovery and would love to hear how it's coming along. I will keep my journey updated as well .

take care