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Re: thumb arthoplasty

Originally Posted by whollyhannah View Post
Hello, i had thumb joint surgery on Dec. 7th 2011. I thought I had pain before surgery. silly me. I have been suffering ever since. I do have good use of my thumb, but the pain is no better. Anyone else having these symptoms?
Did you have a nerve conduction study for carpal tunnel syndrome before your surgery? I had thumb arthoplasty and carpal tunnel surgery at the same time.
I was told thumb surgery alone would not stop all the pain. I guess it is pretty common to have carpal tunnel with osteoarthritis.

Is the pain in the surgery area or somewhere else? Have you talked to your surgeon? I had combined surgery 6 weeks ago and I still can't use my hand, especially my thumb for anything. I have to wear a brace 24/7 except to shower. I have lots of swelling and shooting pains in my wrist area so I'm still elevating and icing it. I'm see the doctor in two weeks to see if I'm ready for physical therapy. I've been told it can take several months until everything feels normal.
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