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Re: I am in my late 30's and I have Cerebral Palsy. Is it possible for it to get wors

As you probably know the original damage done to your brain, whatever the cause, will not get worse, but the effects of walking incorrectly for years will take their toll on you. Your problem areas will show the biggest difference, and I would think that will affect areas closest to them first. What I mean is, if your legs and feet are tight and weak it can affect your hips eventually too because hips are part of walking. Your legs and hips affect your back also.

I am now 36 and just the past couple years I feel my leg muscles are getting tighter. I don't exercise at all so that is probably a factor to some extent. Also I am not walking as much as I did since I am done with school and I'm not working anymore, so probably the less you use your legs the more they tighten up. I don't know how much stretching and strengthening exercises would help you; all my life people have tried to convince me of that but I personally hit a wall and after a while did not improve in some muscle groups. I think no one really knows what works, honestly. Doctors seem to do a lot of guessing with older people. Your best bet is probably a combination of a neurologist and orthopedist, ideally an adult CP specialist, which as I've said on here is VERY hard to find. Definitely see someone who sees adults and not just children; we are a whole different ballgame for children's doctors and trust me it is not a wise move to assume they know what to do with us. That's a huge mistake I made in the past. Good luck, wish I had better answers for you.

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