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Re: High BP *causing* anxiety?

Hi Matt,

I was diagnosed with high BP and I believe it was related to anxiety. The doctor wanted me on Beta blockers BP was 160/100. I thought I had cancer I was living WHAT IF about any doomsday situation I could think of. i went for many tests and they did not see anything wrong. I believe my high BP was due to stress as it has consistently been 116/75 for the last 3 months. I lost 15 pouns changed my diet and stoppped thinking what if. I am from a bad childhoood therefore stresss and anxiety is predominant. I take 1000 mg rhodiola every day and drink calming teas and I do deep breathing exercises. There are a lot of natural options but they require work. The problem also is once I start feeling good I get lazy therefore continued effort is required.
I do believe there are physical and emotional reasona for high BP. Look inn the internet on how to lower BP and anxiety naturally and write in a journal daily that you are doing well. Its amazing how anxiety can create so many difeerent symptoms that we think where dying and then that fuels further anxiety and it just goes on and on. And of course all that tension and anxiety will raise your BP. Of course there are medical reasons for high BP such as cholesterol etc. I can relate to your story and can only suggest that you start changing the way you think and change should come.

Good luck

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