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Re: Hair Loss

Hi Sjogrens, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am on Plauinil (spelled wrong) I began taking it in January of this year, but my hair loss began much more before that. It became very prominent in November and December, but I had suspected it months before that. By Jan I had a small patch on the left that was almost completely bald. Since then it has become kind of all over (with some spots worse than others) I also have lost most of the hair on my legs and "other parts" of my body. I had also recently noticed my eyelashes thinning out particularly on the left eye. I think that perhaps it is beginning to lessen somewhat. At least the amount of hair in the shower is less and I haven't noticed eyelashes falling out for a couple weeks. My Dermatologist gave me injections (not sure exactly what he used but it was anti inflammatory in nature. They can only be used every 4 to 6 months. The topical that he gave me is called Mylan-Clobetasol. I use it nightly before bed for three weeks, then off for one. I have also started taking Biotin (a supplement) and I think it may be helping as well since I noticed that the hair loss became worse when I ran out and didn't take it for awhile. I take 5mg's a day of that. It is quite a high dosage and one that my Naturopath has recommended for me. (I would never take one that high on my own) I live in Canada so I am not sure what treatments you may have available.(Maybe more if you are in the States). Sorry to hear of your hair loss, it is a pretty distressing problem. I have recently been in touch with someone from the Sjogren's Foundation and she tells me that she lost a lot of her hair too, but that it did come back. But curly! So I think that is hope for the rest of us... I wish you well. Let me know if you find any possible solutions.(I will do the same for you) Knot...

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