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Apollo and Kevin I'm not going to dwell, I just have a few more questions. If I had swollen lymph nodes in groin and armpits I would feel a lump correct? because I have liek a sore feeling but don't feel any obvious lumps. I also feel lumps in the back of my head that are hard and a little tender.. Are there lymph nodes in you wrist? I have a small bump in the same spot on both wrists. You guys are 100 percent confident in a 13 week test? Even with high exposure and all these symptoms? Is co-infection weth hep a possibelity even though I tested neg for both at 13 weeks? I have my good days and bad and today is a very bad one.I also have had a pain between my belly button and breastbone. I was thinking it might be an ulcer but now im concerned its a swollen lymph node