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Re: dizziness hard to focus eyes need answers

There are any number of things that can cause you to be dizzy and the anxiety one is a easy answer for the doctors. I have Migraine Associated Vertigo and BPPV and I feel completely normal when I am laying down also..

I started on the doctor merry go round (as I call it) in July 2010 and saw a number of doctors before I got diagnosed in December. I am STILL dizzy and having problems and now, unemployed because the job I had does not allow anyone with balance or dizzy issues on the job..

My eyesight comes and goes, that, I understand is part of the MAV. The first thing I did was go see my eye doctor and I just went and saw her again a year later because of the vision problem for assurances again to prove a point with one of my neuro doctors. One minute it is clear and sharp, the next it will be blurried... According to the eye doctor, there is no problem with my eyes..

OK, I am almost 2 years into this, I have seen so many doctors, (specialists) and have a list of them that I see on a regular basis. NONE of them DO anything but ask me how I have been since the last visit. I am on only 1 medication, I still get dizzy, have balance issues, ear pressure and all sorts of eye and other problems and most of what I have learned about MAV & BPPV, I have learned on the internet. SO, good luck to you!