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Originally Posted by Saddie098 View Post
Hi afriend,
I found your thread, I miss you on the other one, I sent you a private message but I guess you did not recieve it. I have no memory between the years of 4yrs and 10yrs and then again between the ages of 13yrs and 16yrs it is like my memory is protecting me from not remembering things that lead me to this point of my PTSD, I wish I could remember so that my Doc can help but then again I am scared to find out what happened those missing years.
Hope your well, miss chatting it up with you.
Sincerely, Saddie098
Hi Saddie. Replying just for you ok? I'm in a very difficult place at the moment in my life and maybe I did say too much on the other thread but I did not think for one minute I was going off the topic. PTSD is PTSD and all it's associated situations? I don't get it but never mind I'm a silly Aussie. As for the memory loss I (think I did mention this on the other thread) my Psychologist told me just last Saturday this is a way the mind protects us from incidents that were too hard to (basically deal with) at the time, our minds were too young etc to be able to calculate and determine how to handle the situation so it puts it in a filing cabinet but I don't know about you but with me that filing cabinet opens up every now and then by a sight, a sound, a colour and that is when the flashback along with the anxiety attack happens and I remember the moment there and then and think I will remember this later but I don't. Frustrating! I did get your message and replied so don't know what happened there? I am tired and need to rest. Take care Miss Saddie wherever you are. You sound a lovely person