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Re: Weight loss is Impossible it seems.

Since I don't like when threads just die out I'd like to give an update. Well it started again where I went two weeks and lost not an once. So I started to feel crummy again. So I just for one day ate anything around me then right back to the diet. I still find it nearly impossible to eat 1500 calories, I find myself forcing myself to eat in the early evening to up the calories. Well a few days after the one day binge I got on the scale and 4 pounds were just gone. I thought it was a fluke but I've lost more since then so I guess one day a week I will eat a few thing I want even if I go over my calories. Total loss of 25 pounds so far. I am averaging about 1050 calories for 6 days then on the seventh I end up with about 2000. I am tracking everything I eat or drink. It's free so.

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