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Re: CFS and Neurological/Oddball symptoms

Ive had CFS since about the same time and was also to Fibro then as well which that far back didn't exist. I'VE THE MOST CARING DR ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!!!! I've been seeing him for the last 10 yrs and this more man is at his wits end and still hasn't given up! I've seen every specialist, visited several university hospitals and been searching on the internet for years myself.
About 4 yrs ago I had every childhood disease you can test for with bloodwork show positive in a 12m period. I've had the same symptoms as you as well and I honestly believe it has alot to do with the overall fatigue our bodies are fighting. (Watch your glucose levels with the vision issues. I started having issues with hypoglycemia that seemed to concide with my worst days which impacts vision).
I will tell you the only thing that ever truly help me was A DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE! Some insurance companies will cover this cost. I get a day or two of relief and that makes it worth it for me.

I wish you luck and hope you find relief soon!