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Re: Will a splint work instead of surgery?

Originally Posted by Lenore6 View Post
My ortho said to correct my bite I would not only need braces but surgery too to move my jaw forward. I do not want surgery, but was wondering if a repositioning splint would put my jaw forward in the correct position? So that way if I did get braces later then I would have the correct bite?

I just cannot find the right dr for this. Good news is at least this dr has heard of my symptoms, but cannot help me. He says my jaw sits back too far blocking my ear, but that's my natural resting position. I always end up being referred to dr's that dont deal with tmjd, I keep thinking the one of them will finally help me. Now I'm referred to a physical therapist who says can help me and maybe know of a tmj dr. I feel like I've wasted so much time in just finding a diagnosis and now more time wasted in finding someone that can help me.

Mountain reader, I think it was you that posted something once about your ear finally popping after wearing a splint or was it from physically therapy...? Or a combination? I just want my ear to pop, whenever it does my symptoms including my balance is always back to normal.

I've tried to stay positive in all this, but today is one of those days that I just don't know what I do and give up. I'm afraid to go to some of these "tmj specialist" without a referrel that ive seen in the phone book not knowing if they are just going to rip me off.

Hi I know exactly how you feel , my ears are stuffy its horrible ! I read on a health board that icing down your jaw , can help blocked ears , It helped me a lot , especially on the part at the front of your ear at the tmj joint ! Hope this helps keep going there's a answer for everyone