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Re: Sinus Infections & GERD

I was so glad to see your post! I've been having horrible sinus issues for the last few years as well. I've been to 14 different doctors in 2 years (4 separate ENT's), been on antibiotics for months on end until I had a bad reaction to one, one sinus surgery... the constant head pressure has been the worst part. Nothing I've done or tried worked.
I just started Dexilant today after asking my ENT to look down my throat b/c I've just recently had the added symptom of a lump in my throat... I think I've had it a while, but attributed it to another sinus infection & the drainage. He said I had LPR, similar to GERD but the upper espophogus. Heartburn and normal GERD symptoms don't happen with it, but acid is coming up. He put me on Dexilant & I am praying praying praying that it remedies this sinus nightmare.
What dose were you on? How many times/ day? Are you still doing well? Reading your post on how much it helped & how similar your story sounds to mine is thrilling! I just joined this site to write you (I've never joined one of these things before).
Thank you for some HOPE!