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Re: Will a splint work instead of surgery?

thank you sarahblue and mountainreader for replying. Ive been having the worse couple of days, just been in tears and needed someone to talk to.

mountainreader, do you know how your discs slipped forward? I mean what cause it? Was a MRI done, or how did they find that? Im curious because when this started 14 yrs ago I had a MRI, cat scan, etc. found nothing, but Im not sure if its one of those stituations that if they arent looking for it they wont find it. Cause back then they thought my problems were sinus related. My situation has been off and on for 14 yrs. Been consistant for 1 yr this time since skydiving. Im wonder if skydiving caused some kind of whiplash (that I wasnt aware of) that sent my tmjd from mild to severe (if that makes any sense). I had a catscan done again last year but again they were looking at sinuses. It wasnt til everything else with the ear was ruled out that they came up with tmjd. Which makes the most sense.

To answer your questions, I have no treatment plan. When I made the appt to see the oral surgeon I thought he did sepcialize in tmjd. He did a xray and said my joint looked fine and recommended me to a ortho for braces but said that braces could make my condidtion worse. He just said my bite was so off, that it need to be fixed. Finally got into the ortho, who again I thought specialized in tmjd (I even ask them when making the appt). The ortho did tons of pics and xrays, said that my jaw sits too far back and is pressing on my ear which is causing all the proplems. For HIM to fix my bite he would need to do surgery to pull my jaw forward, that braces alone wouldnt correct my bite. (Surgery is not an option for me.) He said he would do it if I didnt have the tmjd problems, but since I do, that needs to be dealt with. So he isnt doing anything. He mentioned a splint that corrects the jaw but he doesnt do that either. And couldnt recommend anyone either except a PT that he knows that has done miracles with tmjd patients. I go to her in May, if she does deal with this Im hoping she knows of a doctor. It just seemed weird that he would say surgery when a splint could do the same thing...? But youre right, it does depend on the case. (But what worries me, his receptionist said braces caused her to have tmjd.) How do you decide btw for phase 2 on getting the braces or veneers? which is better?

So Im on my own again finding a specialist. I live in Las vegas, and from reading some of these posts Ive looked into DR Chan. But he looks way too expensive. Ive looked up neuromuscular dentist but dont know who is good and who just wants money. I say this because I recognize one of the DR's. I went to one of them many years ago for general denistry and he was one of those dr's that didnt care about the health of my teeth, just the appearance so I stopped seeing him, actually I hardly even saw him, it was always one of his assistants. Didnt realize he is actually a neuromuscular dentist tho.

So I called my general dentist for a recommendation. I trust him a 100%. And Im even more confused after talking to him. He said he wouldnt even recommend a NM denist to his own family. Hes taken some of those courses and doesnt believe in it. That those dentist's charge way too much money. And that there is a different way to go about it. He doesnt specialize in tmjd but knows enough about it and has dealt with it and with other dr's to know. He said to continue wearing my NTI guard (for night grinding and clenching)that he made me in Jan. of this year and to wear it even in the day time and let him know next week if I see any changes. Then we will go on from there. He has seen this work before.
This is where Im stuck, I trust him completly. But I am tired of wasting my time. Ive read alot about tmjd to know about the phases, about the splint, about braces. And I feel like this is not the same direction. The NTI guard doesnt hold my jaw forward. You can even tell by my profile that my jaw doesnt sit right. I dont clench during the day. Ive read about neuromuscular dentist and what they do, it makes sense that what NM do would work, but to find a good one no one will help me. Ill try this other approach, but I cant take much more of this waiting. Im just confused.

I did get the book, I read one of your posts about it and got it, thank you! Im still stuck on how to sleep tho. I thought Ive read about sleeping on my back is best for tmjd, but in the book it said its the worst for grinding. Been sleeping on my side with about 5 pillows around me, its been interesting...

Thank you again for responding and being there!