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Re: dizziness hard to focus eyes need answers

hi there.i woke up like you with dizziness in December .spent a week in bed.i am from the tv so went to my doctors and said i had labyrinthits. given some i stemetil .i have had a mri on my brain and inner ears and all ok.i am dizzy all day no hearing loss slight ringing in my right ear no vision loss. very debilitating as you know.ent said had a virus of inner ear and will get better in time now three you only time not dizzy is when lying down or driving.reason being you are not using your inner ear to balance makes sense.
see an ent to put your m.ind at rest.i have now got anxiexy from this not the other way will go away in time he said within six months.i walk and walk and this will retrain your brain not to accept the bad signals from inner ear.
please do not worry.i know other people like you and i win have got better.take care remember you are not alone deb

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