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Re: Will a splint work instead of surgery?

can you please tell us more about your examination by an orthodontist? Do you have a malocclusion? I suspect "jaw sitting too far back" means an overbite in your case (a class II bite). I.e. your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth too much. Your lower jaw may also be "retrusive", i.e. chin too far back/small chin. If this is the case, your ortho probably wanted to say that your lower jaw is too small to fit your upper jaw, and needs to be broken down and advanced (moved forward). This scenario is different from the MountainReader's, since her problems are mostly disc-related.

If you do have an overbite, it may or may not cause TMJD. Conversely, treatment with braces may or may not help with symptoms. However, there is a general agreement that correcting a malocclusion usually helps people with TMJD. If this is the case, I recommend getting a 2nd opinion from a different orthodontist. The whole surgery concept in orthodontics to fix a class II bite is kind of subjective. You may very well find an ortho who will treat you non-surgically. The surgery itself in this case is not to fix a TMJ but to increase the lower jaw and is related to TMJD only indirectly.

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