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Re: Muscle Biopsy: Have you had one?

I had a muscle biopsy two months ago. They numbed my thigh, made a 2.5 inch incision, took a piece of muscle and stitched me up. Ask for crutches for the day at least because I walked out without them and later that day I had to go get a set. I was told this was rare but I had a bleed in the muscle later that day and it pooled and clotted between my muscle and skin causing a half grapefruit sized bulge sticking out of my leg! It really hurt so I naturally went to the er and the next morning they sent me to my surgeon at another hospital where He reopened and removed the blood clot(called it a hematoma), he put a drain tube in and closed me up again. I was on crutches for about a week after that, but pain meds helped a lot! Anyways two weeks later and my leg was fine, don't let this deter you from a biopsy, it doesn't happen very often and it wasn't so bad.

By the way, make sure your doctor chooses the appropriate muscle because my neurologist did not choose a weak muscle. In fact he never told the surgeon which muscle to biopsy, nor did he tell me which muscle to do. So my surgeon asked me which muscle to biopsy and I had no idea! I said my legs and shoulders were weak, but he sliced up a muscle in my leg that wasn't weak. He biopsied my vastus lateralis, I now know after a proper physio assessment that it's my vastus medialis, hamstrings, and hip flexors that are weak. I went to a different doctor that I trust, and he said he wants to send me across the country for another biopsy based on the previous results(mild non specific changes). He is pretty sure about the diagnosis based on family history but nothing diagnostic for me yet, hopefully the next biopsy will be more informative.

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