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Re: Help me be prepared to confront my pain mgmt dr!

try reposting your questions and concerns under the pain management sub-board-alot more folks go there as opposed to here. i have similar injuries to yours and one of the meds i take is duragesic 100mcg- and i get excellant relief.....i change it every 48hrs-also use oxycodone 10mg prn-bt pain. how often ddo you change your patch and what dose r you on? i also use requip .5mg-,halcion .25 x3, doxepin 10mg- all those at bedtime. and i also take klonapin 1mg @ 2 a day. i suffered suicide pain , believe me, and none of these drugs were easily obtained-i jumped thru many, many hoops, did everthing and willing to do anything cuz i was so desperate for relief!!!!!!finally, after many many trial n error-my treatment team/specialists came up with the best possible cocktail of meds that work as well as possible(i am getting [email protected] relief most of the time!!-so my message to you is to just hang in there with much patience and believe me i KNOW that is hard when you are suffering relentlessly. GOOD LUCK N MAY GOD BE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DURING THIS MOST DIFFICULT TIME.
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