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Re: vitamin D deficiency. does that explain my symptoms?

Hi Hizzy,

I can totally relate to your story,and I'm a guy,who also lives in the South,and I get plenty of sunshine. I went to doctors for three years complaining of severe fatigue,always having my blood work,and scans to come back normal.

I'm one of these people who just knows his body,and knew something just was not right.Finally,I go to a new doctor,and after several blood tests coming back normal,he said he could tell by my eyes,that something was wrong,and that I was fatigued,regardless of what the blood tests revealed.

So, he ran two more blood tests,and found that my vitamin D level was 2,and that my thyroid was also hypo,and in the low range.When he saw the vitamin D level he asked me where I got the strength to walk into his office !

I told him,that I just pushed myself,and I just couldn't give up,even though I felt like it so many days.Most doctors just don't know that much about vitamins,or perhaps some just don't care ?

I'm taking vitamin D ,and iodine for my thyroid. The thyroid is doing better,but,the vitamin D is slow in bringing me back to anywhere I call normal.However I was so low on vitamin D for so long ! At any rate,I had nearly all the symptoms you had,and I'm still moving slower than normal.I too,had to give up my cereal,and soy milk for awhile,as it made me tired with the vitamin D,so,like you I opted for peanut butter,and that works better.

I enjoyed reading your story,and can relate in what you have been through.Just remember,never give up ! I just happened to find the right doctor, after three years of searching,and he doesn't give up either . I feel blessed finding the right doctor,and feel like I'm on the right track in getting back to some kind of normal life . Hang in there,and keep me posted on your progress .

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Originally Posted by hizzy View Post
hi, jen. thanks for all that helpful info! i will definitely try K2 and ezorb! and i am trying to accept this as a lesson in patience...i appreciate you reassuring me that this will just take a while to correct. every night, i go to bed thinking "tomorrow will be the day i feel like myself again," but i guess patience is the key.

i've been amazed at how the doctors i've seen seem so uneducated on most vitamin/mineral B vitamin levels were checked when my symptoms began, but they were normal, and my PCP didn't even consider any other deficiency issues. once she decided it was a virus, she pretty much told me to put mind over matter, go back to work, and i'd be okay. very frustrating to find out that this is NOT a mind over matter issue! thank goodness my rheumatologist has some education on vitamin D!