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urethral stricture - urethrotomy questions

Hello guys,

New to the forums and just need a couple of questions answering really!

Last Thursday (22/03/12) I underwent a rigid cystoscopy with optical urethrotomy to widen a bulbar urethral stricture. This is the 1st time I have had a urethrotomy. Around 15 years ago I underwent three dilations to widen this part of my water pipe and have been fine ever since the last year where I noticed my flow was decreasing and I was getting infections. Suppose I have been quite lucky in the time span between dilations and the urethrotomy.

Anyhow, here are my questions.

When can I begin sexual relations again? My urologist said straight away whereas the nurse practitioner who tried to teach me self dilation (and failed!) said give it a couple of weeks. I am finding myself getting more sexually aroused each day and am struggling to keep the beast in it's cage!

What are other peoples experiences with urethrotomy's and their sucess rate?

I have just been refused medical cover for my holiday on the grounds that I am awaiting further tests (ascending and descending retrograde urethrogram plus a visit to a specialist in Cambridge to discuss the option of urethroplasty) and am in desperate need to find a company who can cover me in case I have problems whilst on holiday.

Many thanks and I look forward to reading your replies!


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