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Undiagnosed Auto-Immune Condition

Hi. I am new to the forum and looking to share my experience with others and see if anyone has some ideas about a diagnosis.
First of all, it would be accurate to say i have been under immense stress for several years coming to terms with my husbands diagnosis of aspergers, a subsequent marriage separation and becoming a single parent. I have been on anti-depressants for 2+ years and prone to anxiety attacks. So not really a suprise that my health has taken a turn for worst in the past 6 months.

Symptoms started 6 months ago with
*overall generalised stiffness (particularly from waist down)
*right foot/ankle swelling after activity
*pitted oedema
* pain in ball of right foot, particularly around area of first toe. Pain led to significant burning, numbness, loss of balance

Symptoms progressed over the months and now i have flares of
*all of the above plus
*ankle pain/weakness
*wrist pain/weakness
* loss of ability to balance/support myself
*stiff, swollen fingers
* stiffness on getting out of bed, chair, car (needing aide of walking stick)
* swollen glands in my neck
* sore throat
* feel like i am getting a cold but it does not really progress to anything
* prolonged exhaustion after exercise
* sudden exhaustion where I just have to lie down
* on and off nausea / headaches
* odoema extending upwards from my ankle
* petechiae type rash on top of both my feet
* callouses appearing on hands/fingers which itch and peel. never heal completely.
* 1st toe on my right foot has now altered shape permanently (bending downwards and to the left)
* Mental exhaustion - too tired to think through things.

I have been on and off anti-inflammatories for months. The symptoms never fully go away but there are better times At their worst I feel like my body is just going to give up and i will die.
ANA - positive 1/160 speckled pattern
RF - mildly elevated
all other bloods within normal limits.
Foot X-ray showed no nothing abnormal

I am due to see a rheumatologist in a few weeks. At the moment I feel so exhausted trying to work full-time and raise 2 children.

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