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Is my vagina... normal?

Kind of a weird question, yes.
Here's the thing:
I'm a smaller-built girl, and that includes my vagina. I've only been successful with a tampon one time when I was 18. I got married this past August and we both lost our virginity on our wedding night. At first sex was extremely painful, of course. It wasn't until about five months into our marriage that it wasn't painful anymore. Even though we have a successful sex life, I'm still unable to insert a tampon -- even a petite-sized one.
I examined myself down there with a mirror today, and it just looks weird to me. There's a lot of tissue at the opening, but the opening itself (or hole) is only the size of a pinhead. Is that normal? What's up with that small opening? It doesn't make sense that my husband can penetrate me (and he is way, way bigger than a petite-sized tampon), but I can't even use a tampon. Is this me being built funny, or just inexperienced with using a tampon! Does everyone's vagina look like this? Help!

P.S. I haven't have a gynecologist appointment yet. They didn't think it was necessary to examine me before the wedding because I wasn't sexually active and they said I didn't need to get one until I turned 21, which is this May.

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