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Re: Brostrom-Gould modified... What should I expect?

Ok first off...take a deep breath. You so remind me of me 11 years ago when I had my first modified Brostrom. I made some mistakes with that and believe if the 2nd surgery I just had (Brostrom-Gould, peroneal tendon repair and fibular groove deepening) had been my first, there wouldn't have been a 2nd! Just Ike you, had the Hercules complex and was back at work on week 5 in a boot. I was a critical care RN working 13 hour a boot. Yeah, um....NO! My doctor ok'd it, but he was a general OS not a foot/ankle OS. Please tell me your doctor is a board certified foot/ankle orthopedic surgeon? Yes, there's a HUGE difference in a general and a foot/ankle. Believe me! And my doc trained under Dr Gould!! Glad you already know about the knee walker. You will be glad you have that.

Questions to ask doctor:
(1) How long non weight bearing (NWB)?
(2) cast or boot or combo?
(3) realistic expectations of returning to work
(4) what you will be on for pain management afterwards
(5) when (not can you) but WHEN will you be doing PT (I didn't do it the first time-BIG mistake)
(6) when does he expect you to back to complete normal doing whatever you want to do?
(7) ok if you drive if it's your left foot?
(8) go over exactly how day or surgery will be and if it's outpatient or overnight stay. Also ask to be first case!! It will be an early morning, but you'll get home faster and better yet, won't get too hungry or too anxious from anticipation!!

I will think of other questions, that's a start. Other people will chime in too.

As far as what you need:

(1) cast cover for shower. Check out Seal Tight online. Rec to me on this site and is PHENOMENAL. I've showered everyday for the 6 wks since surgery and now my doc wants me to bring it to my next appt b/c my cast has stayed dry. He changes so many b/c they get wet!
(2) cast coverz (yes with a "z") to sleep at night. Fleece to go over your cast at night is it won't hurt your sheets or scratch you! Also works as a great sock to keep your toes warm at night.
(3) cast cozy. Cover for your toes when you go out if it's cold or you just want them covered
(4) shower bench/chair to sit on to shower
(5) hand held shower head if possible
(6) "stations" set up at your bed and the couch or wherever you will be for both day and night. I have 2 set up. One at my bed and one at the couch with: trash can, chargers for phone, computer, iPhone/iPad/iPod, kindle, Chapstick, meds, remote controls
(7) get together reading material, DVDs or queue up Hulu, Netflix, etc or save DVR programs
(8) figure out meals ahead of time. Make stuff ahead of time and freeze in individual portions or make up sandwiches in baggies with fruit, chips, etc. you don't live alone so you will have help there. If people ask to bring you meals, say thank you and let them! That got me through big time! I had meals brought to me every other night for 5 weeks! I am married but my husband works days and into nights a lot.
(9) make arrangements for pets, plants, laundry, mail, etc
(10) stock up ahead of time on general household stuff: paper towels, paper plates, napkins, plastic silverware (cuts down on dishes), toilet paper, detergent, pet food/treats, etc)
(11) get ice packs (big gel pack that will slide inside cloth cover and Velcro around. Big enough for the cast.) or get an ice machine if your doctor doesn't send you home with one.
(12) get a handicap placard. This requires a signed permit from your doctor that you will fill out. Mine had them already signed and I picked it up and filled it out, but you might have to print it out online and take it to your doc. Then take to the DMV. Some states there's a cost, there wasn't in mine. They are good for 6 months, but most docs put 4 months. Do this within your surgery week. As close as possible, not too far out.

That's al I can come up with for now. Read the sticky thread at the top on tips for coping with non weight bearing. VERY good stuff on there! Others will chime in too! Let's us know how your surgery visit goes Monday! I remember that visit for me! I go to my doc on Mon too! To get my cast off and move into the boot and hopefully start to weight bear and start PT! Woohoo! Good luck!
Brostrom-Gould, repair retinaculum, peroneus longus tendon repair, fibular groove deepening for peroneal tendon subluxation- 2/22/12
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