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Re: dizziness hard to focus eyes need answers

hello...i too have suffered from this condition.whatever it is. I haven't got a diagnosis. Only "could" be migraines. Which is very frustrating. About 3 years ago I was just having a conversation on my couch w a friend..and all of a sudden I felt dizzy like I was gonna fall back. And so every since that day it hasn't stopped. I can wake up feeling fine but as soon as I get busy at work or doing whatever, most of the time, I feel dizzy and tired...and even out of it somtimes. I have develped a high sensitiviy to light..and even being on my computer right now makes me feel weird. It's hard to explain it to people. But usually my computer makes it worse..and even makes me feel I'm in another world.
I have been to ENT specialist, in which they found nothing. I have been to specialist and have had about every inner ear test possible, in which proved not to be my inner ear. Which leads me back to the neurologist. I've tried amitriptiline and normitriptiline. The amitriptiline seemed to help with my symtoms for awhile but always comes back. the normitriptiline made my pulse race too much. So I just went off both of them cuz I'm so frustrated with never feeling good and nothing helping. I don't know what else to do but come on these message boards and see that there are others who can relate..and i'm not crazy. I have had an MRI and showed nothing. So I just take my life one day, one minute at a time. Which is really depressing. Thanx for the posts.