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How to rehabilitate 5 years after... Please help!!

Hello everyone,

I'm really glad I found this forum. My step-father Joe had a near fatal stroke 5 years ago and lost quite a bit of function on the left side of his body. Right after the stroke he could still move his arm and open and close his hand and move his leg with quite a bit of effort.

We started his recovery at that time but over time we really didn't stick with it and we just became complacent with things. Over the past 5 years he actually lost quite a bit of the ability to move that he had after the stroke - it's way worse now after having not done anything, his hand is really siezed up. I rightfully am to blame for this and it has really been pressed upon me lately to help him recover - he was a second father to me and deserves to have a better quality of life. I know giving up on him was a really shameful thing to do. I'm absolutely determined to help him now but I just don't know where to start since he's five years into it.

I was thinking about applying heat to the tightened areas (maybe towels soaked in warm water) and massaging them / trying to slowly loosen them up over time / putting something in his hand to hold it slightly open and increasing it's size over time. Other than that - I really don't know what exersizes to do -

Thank you so much!!

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