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Re: Brostrom-Gould modified... What should I expect?

Thank you SO much. That was really really helpful! How did your appointment go today? I bet it feels phenomenal to be cast free!

My surgery has been scheduled for next week 4/12. And I have an appointment on 4/10 specifically just to ask questions. I did find out today that I will be in a vented cast for 2 weeks followed by a boot cast, neither of which I have knowledge of. The surgeon I am using is actually a board certified podiatrist, certified in both foot surgery and foot/ankle reconstruction. I'm not as nervous as I feel should be... I'm sure that will come. My Dr. gave me the seal tight today which I was extremely happy about and now I'm working on ordering the other items you suggested. Unfortuneatly it is my right ankle that is undergoing surgery so I don't foresee driving in my near future, but the handicap placard is a great idea for the occasions when I need to be taken somewhere (I'm sure I will be going stir crazy).

Do you have any idea what a vented or boot cast is? I would rather be over prepared then under prepared at this point lol.

Also my Dr. Said something today that concerned me... He stated that based on his findings I have virtually no ligaments holding my ankle, I don't want to get ahead of myself (probably too late for that) but if there is nothing there wouldn't that be more of the chrisman-snook than the brostrom-Gould? Is it ok to ask my dr the what if scenarios? Or is that frowned upon in the surgical world?

Hope you are doing well cast free!