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Re: looking at signs, developmental issues

Your toddler seems to me like she is doing really developmentally. Their are more normal behaviors that she can do then not. It does seem like she should be able to be more verbal, and use more words , at her age. However, sometimes if this is the first born child the parents will do the talking more for her, and if she has not been around other toddlers her age this could slow down her speech development. Most of what you described is very typical and normal behaviors for her age and development.
She enjoys social contact
She lifts her arms up tp be picked up
she brings objects to you
she imitates her parents
she accepts affection
shows interests in things around her
has small temper tantrums which are common in toddlers
has understanding of other peoples emotions
plays with toys normally
all those behaviors are very normal and she is right at where she needs to be developmentally
walking on toes or hand flapping sometimes is not too much to worry about because she is not doing it all the time , some babies or toddlers do this out of excitement only, but if she were doing this all the time or learned to walk on her toes while learning to walk is something completely different. The hand flapping once in a while not something to be too concerned with, but if she were doing it ALL the time for everything then that is something to be concerned with, or if she was rocking back and forth or head banging that is a concern. A lot of toddlers do not like having a toy taken away from them , so that should not be bothersome.
I do not think she exhibits any extreme behavioral characteristics that are found in very young autistic children or even on the autistic spectrum. Only clue you descibed is she is behind with speech and language. However , she understands what is said to her so that is a good sign.