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Re: How to rehabilitate 5 years after ... Please help!!

Hello and welcome to our family.
It is very very hard being a caregiver you really should not be so hard on yourself. It is so hard to know what to do and difficult to find answers and help. I actually felt at one point like I should ask the doctor if he had hear of STROKE. Anyway you are here now and thats great and Im so glad you want to increase mobility for your step father. However, I would air on caution and try to find someone to help or at least to advice you. After a limb has been none functinal for 5 years some deteriation has occured in the muscle and joints. You may cause more problems by forcing it. I like the idea of the warm towels and gentle encouragement. I am a firm believer in "its never over till its over". Is there any way you can get advice from a physio therapist. I like to think there is something you can do to increase mobility its just a matter of knowing how and what exercises to do. My physio thereapist was great at pointing out what exercises I needed to do to focus on a specific muscle. He was also very good at setting up the program so you gradually increased and strengthened the limb.
When we are building ourselves back up I do know its tiny steps over a long period of time that gives us our greatest results and that takes patience on both your parts. Good luck and please let us know how your doing. It is my concern and my advice to you that you get some direction from a professional.
God Bless Mulchie

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