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Re: mid brain stroke

Hi Nannymax
I am so sorry for what you and your husband are going through. I can tell you love him very much and being a caregiver for a loved one is very hard. Our hearts ache for them all the time and we search constantly for answers.
I can tell you about my stroke and what kind of symptoms I had. I would like to know when did your husband develope the speech tics?
My stroke was June 21, 2010. It left me with depression, fear, weak right side, drop foot, migraines, sensativity to light and sound, some speech difficulties, took my math skills and my ability to multi task. Having my stroke was life altering. The life as I new it stoped and I hit a wall. For weeks my symptoms seemed to increasing get worse and two months after my stroke I developed a hand tremor. Very frightening because I thought I had another stoke. I did not and a neaurologist told me that after a stroke the brain swells and until that swelling goes down the one side of the brain fights with the other side of the brain. This was news to me and it was the reason for my tremor. We seem to be in a terrible rush to get well, get over it, and get all better. But the truth of the matter is, our brains are healing and we cant get well YET! All the symptoms you mentioned the depression, the tiredness etc. They seem to be a common thread with all of us here at the stroke board. It seems when our brains take a hit our body doesnt like it very much and it causes such confusion. But it wont always be like that. Your husband will improve. How much we dont know but he will improve. All we want is to feel better. If I can remember correctly your husbands stroke was Jan 2012 and that wasnt very long ago. I think the first 6-7 months were my most fogged and most confusing. Tell your husband we are all here for him. Any questions ask away. We have all been through the same thing. We understand.
Please take care as you continue to care for your darlin husband. Be kind to yourself and make sure you are getting your rest and meals.
God Bless Mulchie