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Re: Brostrom-Gould modified... What should I expect?

STILETTO--I agree with dmbnj. I had the same problem with my ankle. "Nothing there, completely torn". When he got in there, he more or less debrided the ligaments, "trimmed" and sewed them back together. He told me ahead of time that he might have to take a portion of my peroneus brevis tendon (I tore the longus so this could still be done) and anchor it to the fibula if things were just terrible in there and since it was a "re-do" from my first surgery. Thankfully, this didn't have to be done. Brostrom-Gould is usually the first line procedure for ankle reconstruction/stabilization surgery. It is an anatomical surgery, meaning you are still as you were when you "came out of the box" (born). With the tendon being anchored to the fibula this is an anatomically altering procedure and is often used in "re-dos", but it has other risks in that it messes with your subtalar joint which is another topic of conversation altogether. I promise you'd rather go through a Brostrom-Gould than a Chrisman-Snook any day!

As far as vented cast and cast-boot.....a vented cast is more than likely your doctor's terminology for post surgical splint in which you will have an anterior/posterior (front/back or when you are lying down bottom/top) fiberglass cast that is cut on both sides and held together by heavy ACE wraps and heavily padded inside. They are comfortable. Its job is to immobilize your ankle while allowing for swelling so you don't become uncomfortable. The cast boot is probably what I was just placed into today-a CAM walker, the black boot you've probably seen a thousand times on people. It's a Controlled Ankle Movement walker. Makes it so you can walk, but you still don't use the normal gait as you walk. Keeps you from pushing off your toes which strains a lot of the ligaments/tendons in the ankle. You will likely be in this a while. I was in the vented cast or post surgical splint for 6 days, then a full fiberglass cast for 6 wks which I got off today and now in the boot for 3-6 wks. I can't remember which one he said! Terrible huh? I blame it on the pain meds!

Thanks! I do feel great getting it off! I can bathe, shave, exfoliate, and moisturize my leg now! LOL! I think I can sleep with it off too although not sure if I love that idea or not, but I don't want the nasty boot in the bed with me either!

Let me know if you have any further questions! Having JUST been through it, I have a lot to say on it and there are a few others who do too! I'm glad you have an appt just to ask questions! That's great! How long will you be NWB?
Brostrom-Gould, repair retinaculum, peroneus longus tendon repair, fibular groove deepening for peroneal tendon subluxation- 2/22/12
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