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Re: Is my vagina... normal?

Hi - I sort of have the same problem that you have. I'm 28 and sexually active (have been since 20) but I cannot use tampons either. Sex is sometimes not comfy at first for me because I have a tight vagina. I think the reason why you can have sex with your husband and he is able to actually insert his penis is because you are sexually arrounsed during sex. The vagina relaxs during sex so it is easier for him to put his penis in. A tampon doesn't exactly feel the same. I've never been able to use a tampon without pain..I can't even hardly get the tip in. Also, I've been going to the gyno for about 6 years and it is always painful for me. I know some people say it isn't bad but for me it is. I've never had anything abnormal show up during my visit so I know there is nothing wrong with me...but it still hurts. So, I "feel your pain" so to say. Mention this to your doctor but I don't think this is anything wrong with you. I'm the same way.