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Re: Help! My hives won't go away!

Originally Posted by janewhite1 View Post
Okay, I don't know that dust or cat would do THAT to a person. That's more like hives from a food or medicine.

Are you on any medications? Even something you've been taking for a while could still produce an allergic reaction.

Did the doctor discuss food allergy tests?

No, I have gone off of everything (decided to after how I was feeling and over time). The only pills I am taking now are my iron supplement (occasionally) and Photo-phenols. I have also started sublingual drops for the cats since they are in my environment and probably will be for years.

I asked the allergist office and they said the scratch test included food and medicine allergies. I am not sure what was tested in the injections. They said the in depth look will be sent to my doctor in a week or two.