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I have this too so I try not to eat large portions in the day and times where I don't want to nap. Also there are certain foods that I know will make me sleepy so I avoid them. For example grits, potatoes, or even eggs (for breakfast) will make me want to go right back to sleep so I avoid them. On days like this I will choose something light like a small bowl of cereal, one bagel, &/or fruit. Even a 6 pack of peanut butter crackers is better than going on an empty stomach. I don't eat a lot because I find that I can't fit too much in my stomach at one time (but I'm overweight go figure!). I usually eat about 3 times a day, 4 at the max. I know dieticians recommend 3 meals and 2 snacks but I can't do it, I'd be on the snooze-train for sure. Another thing may consider is instead on trying to eat in the day, why not have beverages with nutritional value like 2% milk, a healthy smoothie, juice with a low sugar value, or green tea. Or a beverage and one piece of fruit or some carrot sticks is a good snack. Not eating all day leads to starvation and possible overeating at night a time when the body is burning less calories. Good luck with this!