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Re: Best way to take away car?

You are not the only one. Many families have done this. No car and hide the car and so on.
We were a little different. My FIL was able to find out for himself that he needed to check if he could drive given moderate Alzheimer's. He was diagnosed in the same year 2006 when he happened to need to renew the license. Well, the test in the psychiatrist's office showed that he has Alzheimer's so he cannot renew the license. Somehow he chose not to renew the license (maybe he forgot.) He got lost driving in April that year (was able to drive home though.)
He denied that he has Alzheimer's but somehow he admitted that he had memory issue so he stopped driving.
However he forgot about all that in 2007 and asked again if he could drive. He forgot about DMV and thought any ID could replace driver's license. His car happened to be broken in 2007. The shop said it is not worth repairing. So we donated the car at night and he didn't notice when the man came to pick it up on the street.
Since he got no more driver's license, we just distract him saying he does not have to have it and the caregiver can drive him and so on. He even told his lady friend that he didn't have a car and said that she could pick him up and etc. (He wanted to marry her!! But he didn't because she knew he was too sick and would not let her manage the money.)

When we donated the car, he had no idea. It is how you should do it. Don't tell him anything about the car. Hide the car even if it is in the daughter's house. Hide it so he won't see it. In the mean time, just distract him and get a driver to drive him around if needed.

Good luck,

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